Different Types of Hair Bows You Can Make

There are literally THOUSANDS of unique styles of bows you can make!  That’s the exciting part about creating with ribbon.   Now on the other hand, it can be overwhelming for a beginner bow maker so here’s a few of the basic bows in a fun music video to show you some that you can start off creating.

Types of Hair Bows

If you are ready to get started making a few of these, you’ll love my 2 hour DVD course that shows 18 of the hair bow types that are just perfect for beginners.

how to make hair bows dvd

Ideas on Hair Bows You Can Make

Want to make some hair bows for your baby, little girl, or even teenager and not sure where to start? Jenn shares some types of hair accessories that work best for each age group.  Since there are so many types of ribbon bows you can create, this will help narrow it down for you based on the age of your special girl.  Also included are some extra tips to keep in mind when making your bows.

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Who are you making hairbows for?  Leave a comment below and let me know!

How to Make Baby Hair Bows

This video shows you how to make a baby flower bow on an elastic headband, step-by-step.

I love being able to use crochet headbands when making hair bows.  They are specifically great for baby hair bows because most baby girls will have fine hair that clips would easily slip out of.  Using a crocheted headband in her hair and attaching the bow to that will give you much more confidence that the hair accessory will stay in place.

Crochet Headbands for Baby Hair Bows

Need to purchase crochet headbands?  I get mine from Hobby Lobby or online at CanadaTulle.com  They cost just a few dollars each (or you can try a dollar store for cheaper than that!) and are definitely worth it.  Next time you make a hair bow, try adding it to a headband like the crocheted ones shown in the video above and I’m sure you’ll think it’s a hit too!

Want more cool tips and instructions on how to make hair bows?

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