Which hair clip is best to use for hair bows?

Recently on my Facebook page, I received this question, “Can you please tell me the best types of hair bows that are best suited to the following
Baby snap clips
Snap clips
Alligator clips 40mm
Alligator clips 35mm
Mini barrette clips”

Here is my answer:
“It’s really a preference issue because you can make a twisted boutique bow that is just 2 inches across or 6 inches across. I’d say most importantly to check out the size of the hair bow you are making and then add a clip that is proportionate. I wouldn’t use a snap clip on a layered bow, but if would be appropriate for a small tuxedo bow for sure! The alligator clips is what I use for almost every bow I make since they tend to say well in hair and are preferred by a lot of people. For the largest bows I make, I’ve found the French barrettes work the best. But if it’s for a young girl without much hair, I’ll use an alligator clip so they can clip that right on a crochet headband and use that way. Hope that helps!”

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From time to time I love to share the beautiful hair bows from customers that have sent in photos.  Here are some of the latest pretty creations.  CLICK on the photo and it will bring you to the course which has that bow in it! :)

These first three were sent in by Alex T. who shared, ” I couldn’t have done any of them without the great step by step instructions you provided!”

layered boutique hair bows halloween  cheerleading hair bows  boutique hair bows

These two bows are from Rachael J. who told me, “I love the new course there are so many fresh new ideas and super easy bows anyone can make!”

flower ribbon bow   felt flower hair bow

This is a bow from another customer who was given the “Secrets to Flower Bow Success” course to test out prior to it’s release this year.  She said, “Thank you for allowing me to be a tester. The course is so easy and understandable to follow! I am a visual learner, and pictures to go along with instructions works like a charm :-) I never thought I could make such pretty items, and with this packet I can do magic! Thanks again!”

baby headbands

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how to make flower hair bows

Christmas is right around the corner so you’re probably thinking of decorating the house, the tree, and wrapping beautiful presents. This video will show you step by step how to make a 2 layered decorative bow with beautiful ribbon you are seeing all over the craft stores right now.

How to Make a Decorative Holiday Bow

This is a decorative bow perfect for the holidays made with 2 types of decorative ribbon which I found in the holiday aisle of Michael’s. I was always overwhelmed by all the beautiful choices because I didn’t know what to do with the ribbon if I did buy it. I would look around at all the $40 plus decorative bows and wish I could make them! Shortly after that my friend showed me a few simple ways to make some holiday bows and I just took off and made dozens of bows that month. In this video I show you one of the styles I love, step by step. Grab two types of ribbon from the craft store and let’s get creating!

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how to make a holiday bow

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“Secrets to Holiday Bow Success” was created in 2009 and the second course launched by Next Chapter Learning.  It shows 18 styles of decorative bows that you can use for jazzing up any holiday celebration.  Use your ribbon bows on Christmas trees, when wrapping gifts, or even decorating tablescapes.  You’ll love the variety of bow types and the ease of using ribbon to make beautiful creations for your celebrations during Christmas and year round.

One of my favorite hair accessories to wear as a kid was a loopy bow.  These are typically made on French barrettes because that is the easiest type to make them on.  While it may be possible to make them on alligator clips, I’ve never attempted it so I’m not sure how the finished product would turn out.

Here’s a Youtube video that shows how to make a loopy hair bow.

loopy hair bow

The photo above is a funky loopy hair bow that includes a variety of ribbon and yarn types.  As you can see, the loopy bows can be made in a variety of styles to really make them unique.  I’ve seen ones that use all similar colors and others that use just about every color of ribbon in the rainbow.  You can get very creative when you make this type of ribbon bow!  This is a great bow to make if you have a lot of leftover ribbon you need to use.  However, just be sure you have enough since you’ll need at least a few feet of ribbon, depending on how tall you make each loop.  I like to make my medium sized loopy bows with 1.5-2 inch tall loops.  You can experiment with different heights but make sure that you know the larger the loops you use, the floppier they will be.  For perkier bows, use 1 inch tall loops.  Now go and experiment with making your own loopy hair bows!