Cheer Bows: How to Make a Cheerleading Hair Bow

Cheer bows are a special kind of hair bow that are typically worn by cheerleaders, but there are some that can be worn by any girl (young or old!) The photo below shows a pom pom bow that is a great for all ages.  This is a particularly fun bow to remember for 4th of July but also for any sports celebrations and parties!  It’s made just with grosgrain ribbon and a needle/thread.  Want the complete video instructions for this cheer bow?  Click on the photo or head over to

cheer bow


If you are looking to create the fancy and jazzy cheer bows, the complete DVD course “Secrets to Cheer Bow Success” will show you how to make the ribbon for those bows and then how to create a bunch of different designs like flames, waves, and so many more.  All the popular designs you might find online for sale for $30 plus are included in that course.

This DVD course was created to help cheerleaders be able to make their own bows instead of spending a fortune on store bought ones.

Looking to make a basic style of cheer bow?  This video will show you how step by step.

Recently I was asked “how do you make a cheerleading bow?”  And here’s what I answered:

The basic cheerleading bow is very easy to make.  Here’s a simple tutorial that will help:  How to Make a Cheer Bow

That video shows you exactly what to do to make a cheer bow with just a piece of ribbon (I use 1.5 inch wide grosgrain), a needle and thread, and a salon clip that I got at Sally Beauty Supply (which isn’t necessary but extremely helpful!)

Beyond that, you can actually make the fun sequin and shiny ribbon that you see on professional cheer bows.  The process to make them is very easy and I explain it and show it all in my course “Secrets to Cheer Bow Success.”


Which cheer bow is your favorite?  I LOVE the blue one in the center with three layers – glitter ribbon on top, zebra grosgrain in the middle, and then a mystique blue for the base.


Want to learn how to make a basic cheer bow? With a single piece of ribbon you can make a cute bow for cheerleading! This easy step-by-step video will show you detailed instructions. If you liked it, please leave me a tip through Paypal below the video! :)

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Or you can grab the full DVD course to learn 14 beautiful cheer bow designs.  YES, you’ll learn how to make the ribbon you need for the bows (don’t worry, it’s EASY! and you’ll learn how to create all of the most popular cheerleading hair bow designs.

Here’s where you can get your course (includes INSTANT online access too so you can get started immediately):

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