Customer Hair Bow Photos

From time to time I love to share the beautiful hair bows from customers that have sent in photos.  Here are some of the latest pretty creations.  CLICK on the photo and it will bring you to the course which has that bow in it! :)

These first three were sent in by Alex T. who shared, ” I couldn’t have done any of them without the great step by step instructions you provided!”

layered boutique hair bows halloween  cheerleading hair bows  boutique hair bows

These two bows are from Rachael J. who told me, “I love the new course there are so many fresh new ideas and super easy bows anyone can make!”

flower ribbon bow   felt flower hair bow

This is a bow from another customer who was given the “Secrets to Flower Bow Success” course to test out prior to it’s release this year.  She said, “Thank you for allowing me to be a tester. The course is so easy and understandable to follow! I am a visual learner, and pictures to go along with instructions works like a charm :-) I never thought I could make such pretty items, and with this packet I can do magic! Thanks again!”

baby headbands

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how to make flower hair bows

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Check out these awesome bows made by Alex at RockHeart Designs

Here’s what she had to say about my easy to follow hair bow instructions, “I have 4 of your courses & I love them! They have been a huge help, before ordering your videos, I had no idea where to start!”
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how to make hair bows dvd


Testimonials from Happy Customers Video: In this video I share some of the comments that were submitted about my easy to follow hair bow instructions. After you watch the video, be sure to check out my NEWEST hair bows course “Secrets to Flower Bow Success”


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how to make flower hair bows

I love it when customers send me photos of the very FIRST hair bows they’ve made!  A few months ago (just before Memorial Day!) Sandy sent me an email and included photos of her red, white, and blue themed bows.  The one on the left is the Easy Bow and the right is the Lots of Loops bow from “Secrets to Hair Bow Success.”

“Here are my very first bows that I made with your course.” – Sandy


What kind of hair bows will you learn how to make?  These are just a few of the 18 types of beginner hair bows you can create with “Secrets to Hair Bow Success” - To get started with a free lesson, just enter your email on the top right of the page and I’ll send it over right away.  You’ll love my simple to follow video instructions (plus PDF manual with step by step photos!) to make beautiful bows.

Here are some more customer testimonials AND photos they have shared with me.  You’ll be impressed with these bows and it will hopefully give you some inspiration for your own hair accessories

If you have hair bow photos to share with me, I’d love to post them on the blog here and give you credit (of course!) :)   Just email me and share your story too!

And the winner is…


BEFORE                                                        AFTER!!!


Wow!  I just LOVE how much improved her bows are now that she is using my simple methods to making beautiful hair bows.  What will YOUR bows look like once you try out my instructions?  Enter your email address on the top right of the page to get started free!!

I recently held a “Before” and “After” hair bows photo contest.  Here are all the entries!  Customers submitted their photos of hair bows they were making before they discovered my courses like “Secrets to Hair Bow Success” and then their photos of the bows they are making now that they have learned my methods for easy, BEAUTIFUL hair bows.

Don’t you just LOVE seeing how much these ladies have improved their hair bows in such a short period of time with just one DVD course?



Hair Bows BEFORE                                    Hair Bow AFTER



Customer 2

Hair Bows BEFORE                                    Hair Bow AFTER



Customer 3

Hair Bow BEFORE                                      Hair Bow AFTER



Customer 4

Hair Bow BEFORE                                 Hair Bow AFTER



Customer 5

Hair Bow BEFORE                          Hair Bows AFTER



Customer 6

Hair Bow BEFORE                     Hair Bow AFTER



Customer 7

Hair Bows BEFORE        Hair Bows AFTER



Customer 8

Hair Bow BEFORE                                 Hair Bow AFTER



Leave me a comment below…which customer number do you think make the MOST improvement in their hair bows?  I’d love to hear what you think! :)

Want to know who won the contest?  Click here to see the winner of MOST IMPROVED HAIR BOWS.





Halloween Hair Bow photo by Rachel

Halloween is still 3 months away but it’s a great time to start making your holiday bows!  Rachel sent me this photo of a bow she made that is perfect for Halloween.  I just love the color combinations of orange, black, green, and purple ribbons.  Remember you can get REALLY creative when you make layered bows by just adding some different types of ribbon!  Here she is using grosgrain, satin, AND a sheer ribbon.  The widths of ribbon used are 1.5 inch (for largest center bow), 3/8 inch (for the loops), and both 3/8 and 5/8 inch for the sprays.  Then she attached it to a crochet headband (you can get these for cheap at Hobby Lobby if you have one nearby!)

Rachel owns both my hair bow courses “Secrets to Hair Bow Success” and “MORE Secrets to Bow Making Success” and has made tons of beautiful bows using what she learned in those courses.

I love to showcase the talents of my awesome customers.

Check out these beautiful photos they submitted after using my course to learn how to make bows.

Do you have a photo to submit? I’d love to post it on the blog; just email it to me!

Don’t you just LOVE all the variety of pretty hair accessories these ladies created?

Grab the full DVD course and you can learn how to make beautiful hair bows for your special girl too!


Prefer just a printed manual mailed to you instead of a DVD?


My name is Christy Wise and I own an embroidery boutique in Northeast Mississippi called Khristi Baby (We are on facebook as Khristibaby Babyboutique).

I wanted to learn how to make bows so that I could offer M2M add-ons. I found you on Youtube and after watcing your video, I went straight to your website!

I printed out the manual and watched the dvd. Having both tools is excellent; I still use the manual as a reference!

I refer you guys to everyone who wants to know how to make bows!
I have attached a sample of bows we have made to match customer items. We have received SO MANY compliments on our bows- thanks to your guidance!





Thanks to Christy for submitting her hair bow photos! She purchased “Secrets to Bow Making Success” in 2009 and has been doing an amazing job making bows.  I love the photos she shared… especially the very first one with all the colors of ribbon and various designs.  Best wishes for continued success in your business, Christy!