How to Make a Holiday Bow

Christmas is right around the corner so you’re probably thinking of decorating the house, the tree, and wrapping beautiful presents. This video will show you step by step how to make a 2 layered decorative bow with beautiful ribbon you are seeing all over the craft stores right now.

How to Make a Decorative Holiday Bow

This is a decorative bow perfect for the holidays made with 2 types of decorative ribbon which I found in the holiday aisle of Michael’s. I was always overwhelmed by all the beautiful choices because I didn’t know what to do with the ribbon if I did buy it. I would look around at all the $40 plus decorative bows and wish I could make them! Shortly after that my friend showed me a few simple ways to make some holiday bows and I just took off and made dozens of bows that month. In this video I show you one of the styles I love, step by step. Grab two types of ribbon from the craft store and let’s get creating!

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how to make a holiday bow

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“Secrets to Holiday Bow Success” was created in 2009 and the second course launched by Next Chapter Learning.  It shows 18 styles of decorative bows that you can use for jazzing up any holiday celebration.  Use your ribbon bows on Christmas trees, when wrapping gifts, or even decorating tablescapes.  You’ll love the variety of bow types and the ease of using ribbon to make beautiful creations for your celebrations during Christmas and year round.

Holiday Decorative Bows

For the majority of the year, my focus is on hair bows, but once the holidays roll around at the end of the year, I like to think about decorative bows. These can be used for parties, dinner table decor, Christmas trees, gifts, and so much more. Here are some ideas of how you can display your beautiful decorative ribbon bows this holiday season.

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My complete 2 hour DVD course with 68 page downloadable manual will show you tons of styles of tulle and ribbon bows you can make for any holiday, party, or celebration.  I’ve used these decorative bows to jazz up Christmas trees, gifts, dinner tables, and so many more places around my house.  If you’ve ever wanted to make beautiful holiday bows, click on the image below and it will bring you to my website where you can get the first lesson free.  Test it out and see how easy it is to grab some beautiful holiday themed satin ribbon at your local craft store and make a beautiful fluffy bow!

how to make decorative bows dvd


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Bonus 1: Tulle Bow Bonus

Bonus 2: Single Loop Bow

Bonus 3: Two Loop Bow

Bonus 4: Hair Streamers

Bonus 5: How to Tie a Baby Hair Bow (Perfect for Scrapbooking too!)

Bonus 6: How to Make Mini Hair Bows with a Homemade “Bow Maker”

Bonus 7: Tutu Tulle Hair Bow

Bonus 8: Tree Hair Clippy (perfect hair bow or holiday pin)

Bonus 9: Decorative Bow (from leftover ribbon!)

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