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Announcing a BRAND NEW Hair Bows Instructional DVD Course….

Secrets to Flower Bow Making Success

If you like flowers, you’ll LOVE all the beautiful designs you can make with these instructions.  TWENTY flower bows in all!  They can even be used to embellish purses, pins, backpacks, t-shirts, and so much more…the flowers aren’t just for hair bows.  I’ll show you each flower hair bow step by step on DVD and also in a downloadable PDF manual.  PLUS you’ll get INSTANT ACCESS to the manual, online videos (before your DVD even arrives) and the ebook bonuses that come along with it.

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Finally!  After months of working on this brand new course, it’s almost ready!  I started back in February but suffered from terrible “morning sickness” for over 16 weeks (24-7!) so it was put on hold.  I’m so excited that the final videos are being edited and the manual is already complete.  If you would like to grab just the manual, you can do so HERE through my Etsy shop.

The full course will be ready in another week but here’s a sneak peek of the 21 different flower bows you’ll learn how to make.

Which one is your favorite? Leave me a comment below! :)




























































Have you always wanted to learn how to make hair bows but maybe weren’t sure where to start?

First, you can start for free by signing up with your email address to the right…I’ll send you an easy to follow video right away!  Plus I include the PDF manual for this hair bow so you can choose which way you prefer to learn.


Second, why not grab the full DVD course and learn how to make 18 styles of the most popular hairbows for girls?

Just click the photo of the course above to read more about it.

Check out this post to see a bunch of bow photos from happy customers.

Or maybe you want to read some reviews about my products?  You can do that here.


Here is the list of bows that are included in the beginner hair bow course, Secrets to Hair Bow Success

Trendy Clip - a fun little lined clip that is perfect for younger girls or to hold back bangs

Flower Bow 1 
- a basic flower bow you are sure to love

Flower Bow 2
– lots of loops make up this adorable flower bow

Flower Bow 3
– a fun three layered petal flower attached to a lined clip

6 Loop Bow 
- a bow with lots of loops!  you can even make this with 8 loops!

Butterfly Bow
- an adorable bow used in stacked hairbows

Pinwheel Bow 
- a perfect spiral ribbon bow

Boutique Bow – Style 1
- my favorite way to make a basic boutique bow

Boutique Bow – Style 2 
- another popular way to make this bow

Korker Bow 
- get ready to have fun with lots of corked ribbon!

Lots of Loops Bow
- loops galore in this adorable bow perfect to top a ponytail

Loopy Bow
– my favorite to wear as a child!  a simple bow to make on a French barrette

Easy Bow 
- yep, this probably the easiest bow you can make and it’s still adorable!

Sprays Bow
– want something a little different?  you’ll love this one!

Twisted Bow 
- this is probably the most popular on layered bows but often hard to learn…until you check out my way! :)

Twister Bow - a fun twisted center makes this bow very popular

Surround-A-Bow – this is one of the most basic layered bows but it’s simply beautiful

Layered Bow – you’ll love making lots of layered bows since they are so pretty and each one is unique