How to Crochet: My New Crochet Project and DVD Course Sale

Have you ever wanted to learn how to crochet?  With a son on the way in November, I’ve decided to start making a lot of fun blankets for him.  Since I’m a beginner crocheter I decided blankets would be the easiest to start with!  To help me learn all the basics, I hired Kristen a few months ago to film videos and write out a step-by-step manual for all the basics I would need and allowed me to compile it into a course so YOU can learn how to crochet too!

Here’s a quick photo of the blanket I’m working on now:

Here’s the basic pattern I’m using to make it:


This is so easy and it wouldn’t be possible without “Secrets to Crochet Success”  If you are ready to start learning how to crochet, this is the course for you!  Plus it comes with patterns for a granny square, scarf, and more!


Get “Secrets to Crochet Success” before Saturday, June 30th (midnight EST)
for only $18.00 instead of the $27.00 regular price…

coupon code: IWantToCrochet