Loopy Hair Bow Instructions

One of my favorite hair accessories to wear as a kid was a loopy bow.  These are typically made on French barrettes because that is the easiest type to make them on.  While it may be possible to make them on alligator clips, I’ve never attempted it so I’m not sure how the finished product would turn out.

Here’s a Youtube video that shows how to make a loopy hair bow.

loopy hair bow

The photo above is a funky loopy hair bow that includes a variety of ribbon and yarn types.  As you can see, the loopy bows can be made in a variety of styles to really make them unique.  I’ve seen ones that use all similar colors and others that use just about every color of ribbon in the rainbow.  You can get very creative when you make this type of ribbon bow!  This is a great bow to make if you have a lot of leftover ribbon you need to use.  However, just be sure you have enough since you’ll need at least a few feet of ribbon, depending on how tall you make each loop.  I like to make my medium sized loopy bows with 1.5-2 inch tall loops.  You can experiment with different heights but make sure that you know the larger the loops you use, the floppier they will be.  For perkier bows, use 1 inch tall loops.  Now go and experiment with making your own loopy hair bows!

Cheer bows are a special kind of hair bow that are typically worn by cheerleaders, but there are some that can be worn by any girl (young or old!) The photo below shows a pom pom bow that is a great for all ages.  This is a particularly fun bow to remember for 4th of July but also for any sports celebrations and parties!  It’s made just with grosgrain ribbon and a needle/thread.  Want the complete video instructions for this cheer bow?  Click on the photo or head over to www.CheerBows.net

cheer bow


If you are looking to create the fancy and jazzy cheer bows, the complete DVD course “Secrets to Cheer Bow Success” will show you how to make the ribbon for those bows and then how to create a bunch of different designs like flames, waves, and so many more.  All the popular designs you might find online for sale for $30 plus are included in that course.

This DVD course was created to help cheerleaders be able to make their own bows instead of spending a fortune on store bought ones.

Looking to make a basic style of cheer bow?  This video will show you how step by step.

Hair Bows You Can Make

This video features photos of some of the types of hair bows you’ll be able to make with “Secrets to Hair Bow Success”. These are hair bows that Emily and I have made and wanted to show you so you know how many kinds of hair accessories you can make with ribbon. Included in the video are layered bows, loopy bows, korker bows, and more.

Some of my very first bows I made years and years ago are included in this video too…can you guess which ones?  I have come a long way since then but I still think they are pretty good for my first ones. :)   Emily taught me how to make bows years ago and since then I’ve been experimenting with new kinds of ribbon and styles to find the ones that I like best.

Which bow will you make first?  Check out all 18 styles of hair bows that I’ll teach you step-by-step in this new video courses…just released in May 2012.  While I’ve been selling hair bow instructions online since 2009, I’m constantly coming up with new courses to be sure that you have the latest techniques and tips to make beautiful ribbon creations.


how to make hair bows dvd

There are literally THOUSANDS of unique styles of bows you can make!  That’s the exciting part about creating with ribbon.   Now on the other hand, it can be overwhelming for a beginner bow maker so here’s a few of the basic bows in a fun music video to show you some that you can start off creating.

Types of Hair Bows

If you are ready to get started making a few of these, you’ll love my 2 hour DVD course that shows 18 of the hair bow types that are just perfect for beginners.

how to make hair bows dvd

Ideas on Hair Bows You Can Make

Want to make some hair bows for your baby, little girl, or even teenager and not sure where to start? Jenn shares some types of hair accessories that work best for each age group.  Since there are so many types of ribbon bows you can create, this will help narrow it down for you based on the age of your special girl.  Also included are some extra tips to keep in mind when making your bows.

Ready to start making all kinds of beautiful hair bows?  Check out my course “Secrets to Hair Bow Success” by clicking on the image below to bring you to the page where you can find out all about it…

how to make hair bows dvd

Who are you making hairbows for?  Leave a comment below and let me know!

How to Make Baby Hair Bows

This video shows you how to make a baby flower bow on an elastic headband, step-by-step.

I love being able to use crochet headbands when making hair bows.  They are specifically great for baby hair bows because most baby girls will have fine hair that clips would easily slip out of.  Using a crocheted headband in her hair and attaching the bow to that will give you much more confidence that the hair accessory will stay in place.

Crochet Headbands for Baby Hair Bows

Need to purchase crochet headbands?  I get mine from Hobby Lobby or online at CanadaTulle.com  They cost just a few dollars each (or you can try a dollar store for cheaper than that!) and are definitely worth it.  Next time you make a hair bow, try adding it to a headband like the crocheted ones shown in the video above and I’m sure you’ll think it’s a hit too!

Want more cool tips and instructions on how to make hair bows?

Check out my DVD course “Secrets to Flower Bow Success”

how to make flower hair bows

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Announcing a BRAND NEW Hair Bows Instructional DVD Course….

Secrets to Flower Bow Making Success

If you like flowers, you’ll LOVE all the beautiful designs you can make with these instructions.  TWENTY flower bows in all!  They can even be used to embellish purses, pins, backpacks, t-shirts, and so much more…the flowers aren’t just for hair bows.  I’ll show you each flower hair bow step by step on DVD and also in a downloadable PDF manual.  PLUS you’ll get INSTANT ACCESS to the manual, online videos (before your DVD even arrives) and the ebook bonuses that come along with it.

Just for reading this blog post, you’re going to save. Use coupon code: BLOG9 to save $9.00 off this brand new hair bow instructions DVD course (coupon good through 12/31/12).  You can also choose just to purchase the downloadable manual if you don’t want the DVD mailed to you.


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Looking to make simple bows and all the basic types?  You certainly will want to check out Secrets to Hair Bow Success to learn 18 styles of hair bows that are the most popular ones and also the best place for a beginner to start their bow making adventure.

You can also check out this blog post if you want to learn how to make a layered boutique bow.

There are a variety of bows that are considered “boutique” so if you have a specific one you are looking for, just let me know and I’ll see what I can do to help!  For example, all three photos below are considered boutique bows and you can see they are VERY different.



From left to right these bows are Boutique Bow, Layered Boutique Bow, and Twisted Boutique Bow.

As you can see from the photos, the name “boutique bow” can be used for a variety of styles so it just depends on what the person who created the hairbow has decided to call it.  The photo on the left and also the one on the right are the more simple style bows that come with the label “boutique” and are some of the very first ones you’ll want to learn how to make once you start.

It might be overwhelming at first when you take a look at the hundreds and thousands of different hairbows you can learn how to make.  Don’t worry! Just take one at a time…start with the easy bows for beginners then you can work on some of the more detailed ones.

Here are the most popular types of hair bows:

Basic Boutique Bow: (there are 2 ways to make this and in “Secrets to Hair Bow Success” I show you both ways since you might like one better than the other, even though they have the same outcome).


Pinwheel Bow:  This is a basic bow you can make with a couple steps.  The only thing needed is ribbon and a needle and thread to stitch the center together.


Twisted Boutique Bow:  While this hairbow is a little challenging at first, it’s a good idea to practice it and start making it as a beginner because you’ll want to use this often in your layered boutique bows.


If you want to see more of the most popular types of hair bows, take a look at the bows you can find for sale on Etsy.com and you’ll get some good ideas of what is currently selling.

This video shows you step by step how to make sprays for your layered bows. They are also called spikes, but it is the same thing. This is a layer that is added behind your main hairbow to surround it with spikes of ribbon.

You can use these sprays for a layer of a stacked boutique hair bow which are a very popular type of girls bow.

Sprays typically use a 5/8 inch wide ribbon (or wider). You can choose how many pieces of ribbon you want to use for them. Decide whether you want them to completely surround the main bow or if you’d just prefer to have a few on the left and right sides of the center. Here are some photos of bows that have a layer of spikes on them:

    Halloween Hair Bow photo by Rachel

These hair bows were photos submitted by happy customers!  If you’d like to see more customer photos, check these out!

Layered bows are my absolute favorites since they are so unique and beautiful every time you make them!  Be sure to learn how to make hair bow sprays first then you’ll be one step closer to making awesome layered boutique bows for your special girl or even to sell.