What are the names of the most popular bows girls wear?

It might be overwhelming at first when you take a look at the hundreds and thousands of different hairbows you can learn how to make.  Don’t worry! Just take one at a time…start with the easy bows for beginners then you can work on some of the more detailed ones.

Here are the most popular types of hair bows:

Basic Boutique Bow: (there are 2 ways to make this and in “Secrets to Hair Bow Success” I show you both ways since you might like one better than the other, even though they have the same outcome).


Pinwheel Bow:  This is a basic bow you can make with a couple steps.  The only thing needed is ribbon and a needle and thread to stitch the center together.


Twisted Boutique Bow:  While this hairbow is a little challenging at first, it’s a good idea to practice it and start making it as a beginner because you’ll want to use this often in your layered boutique bows.


If you want to see more of the most popular types of hair bows, take a look at the bows you can find for sale on Etsy.com and you’ll get some good ideas of what is currently selling.

This video shows you step by step how to make sprays for your layered bows. They are also called spikes, but it is the same thing. This is a layer that is added behind your main hairbow to surround it with spikes of ribbon.

You can use these sprays for a layer of a stacked boutique hair bow which are a very popular type of girls bow.

Sprays typically use a 5/8 inch wide ribbon (or wider). You can choose how many pieces of ribbon you want to use for them. Decide whether you want them to completely surround the main bow or if you’d just prefer to have a few on the left and right sides of the center. Here are some photos of bows that have a layer of spikes on them:

    Halloween Hair Bow photo by Rachel

These hair bows were photos submitted by happy customers!  If you’d like to see more customer photos, check these out!

Layered bows are my absolute favorites since they are so unique and beautiful every time you make them!  Be sure to learn how to make hair bow sprays first then you’ll be one step closer to making awesome layered boutique bows for your special girl or even to sell.