Loopy Hair Bow Instructions

One of my favorite hair accessories to wear as a kid was a loopy bow.  These are typically made on French barrettes because that is the easiest type to make them on.  While it may be possible to make them on alligator clips, I’ve never attempted it so I’m not sure how the finished product would turn out.

Here’s a Youtube video that shows how to make a loopy hair bow.

loopy hair bow

The photo above is a funky loopy hair bow that includes a variety of ribbon and yarn types.  As you can see, the loopy bows can be made in a variety of styles to really make them unique.  I’ve seen ones that use all similar colors and others that use just about every color of ribbon in the rainbow.  You can get very creative when you make this type of ribbon bow!  This is a great bow to make if you have a lot of leftover ribbon you need to use.  However, just be sure you have enough since you’ll need at least a few feet of ribbon, depending on how tall you make each loop.  I like to make my medium sized loopy bows with 1.5-2 inch tall loops.  You can experiment with different heights but make sure that you know the larger the loops you use, the floppier they will be.  For perkier bows, use 1 inch tall loops.  Now go and experiment with making your own loopy hair bows!