How do you make a knot in the center of your bow with 2 different colors of ribbon?

I was recently emailed a photo of a hair bow with a 2 color knotted center. Unfortunately since I couldn’t find the photo rights, I cannot post it here, but it was very similar to the knotted center of the bow below which I found courtesy of

It looks like what she did is to glue together two pieces of different width ribbon for the center. For example, you could take a 7/8 inch wide ribbon and glue a 5/8 inch ribbon on top of it. Then knot the ribbon and secure to your bow center as you normally would. I’d suggest securing the two ribbons together with some double sided craft tape or just using a few small dabs of hot glue. If you use too much hot glue it will come out lumpy and won’t look great.

Do you have a photo of a hair bow you’ve been wanting to make but need just a bit of help getting there?  Send me a message and I’m happy to help give you some tips on making it.