Rafflecopter Cash Giveaway Blog Sponsor Sign-up

Cash Giveaway Blog Sponsor Sign-ups
(This is part of our Adoption Auction)

GIVEAWAY Begins September 30th!!

My husband and I are currently adopting (open domestic adoption) and hosting this event to raise the $5,000 we need for the attorney fees.  (The total expenses for our adoption are $28,000.)

The auction and giveaway will be advertised to over 200,000 moms through our email list, blogs, and Twitter.  We are also planning to share it once per day with our Facebook page; I do have over 20 Facebook pages and am very active with my fans there.

This very well could reach a whole lot more people as well, depending on how many blogs get involved!  This means a lot of exposure for your business/blog!!  (Oh and then you have to figure it that there will be around 50 blogs participating with an average of 1,000 fans each minimum so that’s another 50,000 people who will see this giveaway once we get 50 blogs!)

We are opening up a big cash giveaway as part of this auction to be able to attract a lot more online traffic and so that blogs will participate in helping us out.  If you are a blogger that would like to have a link in the Rafflecopter entry form (a social media link of your choice!)

It is just $8.00 per link and the maximum links sold will be 50 so you have a greater chance of getting much more fans than the giveaways that have hundreds of optional entries.  Half of the money will go towards our adoption and the other half will be given away as a GRAND PRIZE to one lucky person that participates in the giveaway…it could be one of your blog readers! :)   (UPDATE as of 9/27: I decided to only put 25% to our fundraising and give 75% of the sponsored money to the winner.)

We have $120 for the lucky winner so far… let’s make it an even $200!
Just 10 more sponsors would do it!!

Not sure what to expect? Here’s a sample of what the entry form will look like:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Join the Rafflecopter entry form:
1 – Sign-up HERE on the form

2 – Pay the $8.00 per link entry fee to learnhowtomakebows@ gmail.com

3 – Write a post on your blog and include the Rafflecopter entry form for your readers to go live at 12:01am EST on September 30, 2012.  (Will be emailed around September 21st!)

4 – Share link with your readers at least 2 times during the event via your blog or Facebook.



Thank you in advance and please email me with any questions!
Jenn Spencer – owner of Next Chapter Learning, LLC