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The title of the course(s) they purchased is noted after their name. “Secrets to Bow Making Success” is no longer available for sale.


“You made it so easy for me to make bows. I love it I’m very impressed with myself. Thank you.” – Mrs. Johnson (Secrets to Hair Bow Success)

“I just finished looking at the downloadable instructions for the new hair bow course and I just have to say it looks a whole lot easier that the other course that I ordered a while back. I can’t wait to start trying these new techniques. Thanks,” -Louise L. (Secrets to Hair Bow Success and Secrets to Bow Making Success)


“I watched the video. It was amazingly easy to understand. Thanks so much for making it so simple. Sincerely,” -Melissa P (Talking about the FREE lesson!)

“Got both your courses and I have been busy making bows for an upcoming trip to disney world with my three year old daughter. The bows are coming out so amazingly that I am making one for each and every outifit we will be packing for the trip…icluding bathing suits! I had her wear one to day care to see how well it held it up, they looked so good a few of the moms want to pay me to make bows for their little girls! It’s been so much fun!! Thanks for the great tutorials!!” – Lizzie A (Secrets to Bow Making Success, MORE Secrets to Bow Making Success)

“Thank you for your email i actually just purchased some of your books i am glad that you hav email. You ladies seem to have a booming business, but still small enough for us beginners to be able to speak with you. I really really like that” -Pam H (Secrets to Bow Making Success, MORE Secrets to Bow Making Success)

“I really like your customer service and will refer you to anyone i come across looking for what you sale.” – Martha A. (Secrets to Bow Making Success, MORE Secrets to Bow Making Success)

“i was too excited to start making bows…which by the way, i’ve alread sold almost all the bows i’ve made and i have requests for more, and in only 2 1/2 weeks!!!! thanks” – shawn (Secrets to Bow Making Success)

“I am enjoying making these bows and I have had some very happy people about the bows they are receiving. Your DVDS’ are great and easy to understand. Thanks for the knowledge on how to make these beautiful bows…” – Marie C. (Secrets to Bow Making Success, MORE Secrets to Bow Making Success)


“Wow,is right! I can hardly believe how much fun I’m having learning to make hair bows for my granddaughter. Last night I stayed up almost all night with ribbon in hand, watching tutorials and making some of my first ever hair bows .I had to replay a few times because I’m not that fast but I was surprised at how pretty they turned out. I can now say “I made the hair bows!”, if someone ask.Lol Thanks so much!” -Pat B. (Talking about the FREE lesson!)

“Thank you for making learning easy and fun for people like me who have not a single crafty bone in their body. My children are so THRILLED with the few
bows I’ve made and can’t wait for me to tackle the REALLY pretty ones.” – Karen C. (Secrets to Bow Making Success)


“I just wanted to tell you girls that I’ve been looking for a bow making course for a long time that has clear, simple ways to make bows and since I’m a very visual learner I find your DVD amazing!!! I am inloved with it, I bought another bow instruction manual before yours and it doesn’t compare at all, you guys really did a great job and I am so excited to start making those cute bows for my store that will be opening soon in September!! Thanks again :-) ” – Karina F. (Secrets to Bow Making Success, MORE Secrets to Bow Making Success)

“I’ll have to tell you, with the fast response to my emails and the simplicity of your instructions….You DEFINETLY have my vote!!! Thanks again for such a great product!!!” – Angela C (MORE Secrets to Bow Making Success)

“just from watching your free video I made my 4 first bows, your instructions are the best! I am having a great time!
Thanks,” – Yolanda (Talking about the FREE lesson!)


“I just wanted to tell you that my girls & I have been spending good, quality time together making bows! Its fun to see their imagination work as they choose the ribbon combinations & the style of bows they want me to put together. Its crazy at times I have all 7 of my kids helping me (thats 5 girls & 2 boys)! Thanks again! ps Once the bows are made my girls wear them to school & bring home orders!” – Shawnee (Secrets to Bow Making Success, MORE Secrets to Bow Making Success)

“It was easy to do thanks to how you break it down step by step and it was so much FUN! I can’t wait until Emma is old enough so I can teach her. I am now making bows for all of the girls in the family and I have sold several of them already. I am so happy that I found you all, thanks for all the help!” – Sandy S. (Secrets to Bow Making Success)


“The instruction were so easy, my daughter made my bows for my first modeling shoot. I am just getting started and this was a big help!” – Karen C. (Secrets to Bow Making Success)

“My mom purchased the bow-making video for me and WOW! Once I started, I was so addicted. I pulled all of the clothes out of her closet and made bows to match everything. I have also made them for my neices, one who is 11 and is learning to make them along with me. Thanks for making learning so easy.” – Kelly C. (Secrets to Bow Making Success)

“My name is Linda F. and I have 5 Granddaughters. They all love their bows and I really enjoy making them! They do not think an outfit is complete without a bow! It also fulfills my creative side and the possibilities are endless. You can complete a project in minutes! My six year old granddaughter has recently started asking me to make them for her friends.” – Linda F. (Secrets to Bow Making Success)


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