Which hair clip is best to use for hair bows?

Recently on my Facebook page, I received this question, “Can you please tell me the best types of hair bows that are best suited to the following
Baby snap clips
Snap clips
Alligator clips 40mm
Alligator clips 35mm
Mini barrette clips”

Here is my answer:
“It’s really a preference issue because you can make a twisted boutique bow that is just 2 inches across or 6 inches across. I’d say most importantly to check out the size of the hair bow you are making and then add a clip that is proportionate. I wouldn’t use a snap clip on a layered bow, but if would be appropriate for a small tuxedo bow for sure! The alligator clips is what I use for almost every bow I make since they tend to say well in hair and are preferred by a lot of people. For the largest bows I make, I’ve found the French barrettes work the best. But if it’s for a young girl without much hair, I’ll use an alligator clip so they can clip that right on a crochet headband and use that way. Hope that helps!”

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